The Revolution Is On The Dancefloor


There is a musical revolution happening in India right now. For the first time we are seeing live music venues in India, music festivals, women in bands playing bass, guitar, drums, and Shaa’ir + Func is a big reason why that is.

When the UK property, The Big Chill, had the first ever known non-religious music festival in India, Shaa’ir + Func performed and Shaa’ir, or Monica Dogra, was the only woman to perform at the entire festival. When the first live music venue opened in Mumbai, fitted with a proper stage and proper sound, Shaa’ir + func were the first Indian band to play on that stage. We could go on this trip with you to all the other firsts…but, it may take a while.

Shaa’ir + Func have demolished nearly every notable festival in the Indian Sub-Continent as ambassador’s for what has come to be known as The New India.

They’ve released four records. The first, New Day: The Love Album, the second, Light Tribe, and the third Mantis all in the first 5 years after forming the band. They have just put out an album titled ‘re:cover’ which features new versions of previously released songs. They are currently working on their 5th album. Given their track record, a few more will be out soon.

They won the Jack Daniel Rock Awards for Best Vocalist, Album of The Year, with nominations for Song of the Year as well. The Asia Voice Independent Music Awards also nominated S+F for Best Pop/R&B song, Best Dance Electronica Song, Best Dance Act, and Most Genre Bending Track, all in 2009 after the release of their 2nd album.

Shaa’ir + Func did it when few had the guts. An entire industry was created when a few caught on. Now it’s thriving and the world is talking about it while S+F is making thousands dance in the renaissance eye of that hurricane. And it’s a damn good party.