The Love Album

Label:Blue Frog Records

Rated one of Vh1′s Top Ten emerging artists out of India, the New York + Mumbai duo Shaa’ir (Urdu for “poet”) + Func (derived from “funk” and “functional”) describe their distinctive sound as “lovebeat”, and have been “making consciousness fun since 2006″. S+F’s debut release New Day: The Love Album (re-released on Blue Frog Records, 2008) brims with bass-heavy rhythms, poetic lyrics and haunting synth melodies, fusing spoken-word, funk, R&B, electronica and a dash of jazz. With themes that are both universal and intensely personal, The Love Album heralds fresh energy and a new hope.


Track Listing

1 Ambitextrous Hands Of Love
2 Its Probably That
3 Broken
4 Hit
5 Govvernment
6 Juxtapose
7 Swirl
8 Its Probably This
9 Moonlight
10 New Day
11 Oops
12 Secret
13 Swirl
14 Hit
15 Government
16 Broken
17 Another Secret
18 Juxtapose
19 New Day
20 Parles + Chai


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